Guidelines for Fundraisers

Is it legal?

Some methods of fundraising are restricted by local or charity law. If you are not sure whether your event is included, please contact the MIB team.

Collections:  You must have a permit from your local authority if you wish to hold a street collection. When organising this type of activity, only use MIB collection boxes.

Licenses:  If you are holding an event in a public area you need to inform your local council and police. Check with your local authority to see if you need a special license. e.g. alcohol.

First Aid: First Aid may be a requirement at certain events; if you are unsure check with the MIB team or your local council.

Food:  Does your event require caterers. If so, ensure they have Food Hygiene and Environmental Health Certificates. If you are preparing food yourself, involve someone who has their Basic Food Hygiene Certificate. For more information contact your council for food hygiene regulations at events or visit:

Alcohol: If you are planning to serve alcohol check that the venue is licensed or contact your local council to find out more about a temporary licence.

Promotion: Include the MIB logo and charity registration number (XR 13095) on all promotional materials.