Planning your event

Whether your event is big or small, the key to your successful fundraising event is planning. Our experienced fundraising team are here to help throughout the planning process. To help you along the way here are a few things to keep in mind…

Type of Event

Think of something you enjoy doing; love of sports, fashion or simply socialising? Do you want to organise something within your local community or keep it small with friends and family. 

Choose a Date

Unless you are specifically planning an event with a holiday theme, try to pick a date that will avoid clashing with public holidays. Planning ahead and not leaving everything to last minute is the key to a successful fundraising event. This means you will be able to enjoy organising your activity without worrying that you will get everything completed on time.


Choose a venue that is suitable for your event; a smaller more exclusive event could be held at your home, but something on a larger scale may need a venue such as a local bar/restaurant.


Consider who your event is suited to, who you want to reach and who to invite. Why not start small with friends and family? Once you see how much fun it is, will inspire you to hold more events. 


Work out a simple budget at the start of your planning. Think about the costs you think your event/ activity will incur and think about how will raise the funds to cover the costs as well as meeting your fundraising goal. Don’t forget… IT’S FOR CHAIRTY! ASK FOR DISCOUNT. This will keep costs at a minimum by getting as many goods and services for free or at discount.