Women’s Aid Annual Larne Sponsored Walk

May 2017,  we are asking you to pull your walking boots on and take a stroll with us to help raise funds for children and young people affected by Domestic Violence.  Through our work we are continually faced with the innocent victims of domestic abuse – children and young people who suffer many detrimental experiences. Young people living with domestic violence are living in crisis. Constant change, disruption and violence in a young person’s life can make school a real challenge and diminish their ability to engage in education. We are fundraising for the continuity of the Make It Better projects which provides services to thousands of children and young people across Antrim, Ballymena, Carrickfergus, Larne & Newtownabbey (ABCLN).

The 8 mile walk will start from Larne leisure centre walking along the coast to Carnfunock  Park and back again (optional). There will also be tea, coffee and scones provided for all your hard work.

How your support will help…

The Make It Better project costs £150,000 per year to run and we are continually expanding these programmes to children and young people in the area. Last year Women’s Aid ABCLN services helped 9,827 children and young people affected by domestic violence.  

The Make It Better Projects provides the following support for children and young people;

The Homework support club provides a fun, supportive, and safe environment specifically for children and young people who have lived with domestic violence. This is supported by staff, volunteers (including peer mentors and volunteer teachers). We also provide ongoing on to one support for children and young people living with domestic violence.

The Summer Support Club is an extension of the Homework Support Club organised throughout July and August. The club focus on fun educational based activities, promote social skills through group play, activities and outings and keep young people engaged with the project.

Crèche workers  provide support and information to mothers attending the homework support club: regarding the children’s behaviour, routines, homework issues, and general parent advice.

The Voices Group is a youth advocacy and support group which is for young people aged between 13 – 20 years of age. This is open to both male and females, some of the young people have experienced abuse in their own lives; some of them are simply committed young people who want to take a stand against abuse in the home and in relationships. The Voices Group has been very well established and has progressed with young people successfully completing Heading for Healthy Relationships, also OCN accredited training on Domestic Violence and Understanding Risk. They have committed to acting in the play and the filming for the DVD, Family Portrait, Voice of a Victim. The young people are also peer mentors to others in the Homework Support Club and Summer Support Club.  Last year 2012/2013 210 young people were involved in young voices acting as mentors, actively involved in project advisory group, Heading for Healthier Relationship programmes, programmes/activities on life skills health and wellbeing and active citizenship and Transformers programme.

Sign up Now!!

Simply register online or contact Ruth at ruth.owen@womensaidabcln.org or 07850003280